On Creative Abundance

Here's the scene. I've just turned off the light on my nightstand. I'm snuggled in bed thinking about my day and drifting off into dreamland. My mind is relaxed. I feel the ease of another day done.

Suddenly, the best idea ever enters my mind.

Maybe it's a title for an article, a book idea, or the menu for the perfect dinner party. Many times, I get out of bed and write myself a note. Sometimes, I repeat the idea three times in my head hoping I’ll remember it the next day. Other times, I just relish this little moment of creative wisdom. I don't sweat it. You know why? I believe in creative abundance.

Yes, just as we can call in more love, more money, or more aligned friendships, we can also call in more creativity. I’m not saying I don’t treat good ideas with reverence. In fact, I have lots of little word docs in my computer full of ideas and scraps of scribbled paper sitting near my desk. But I believe that if one good idea came to me another is not far away.

Here's the thing. If you keep filling your well, you don't have to worry. This concept comes from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. It’s a method of self-preservation and nurturing that fills you up so that you don’t feel depleted by your creative work. You can fill your inner reservoir with whatever pleases you. For me, it’s time noodling around a bookstore or herbal shop, baking, doing some form of movement, pulling tarot cards, playing in nature and spending time with creative people who inspire me either in-person or through their work.

Ultimately creative work is not about the idea; it’s about you. You can bring your unique perspective and voice to anything you write about. If you Google any topic that interests you right now, you’ll find hundreds of articles that all use different words, styles and voices to explain that topic to you. We all have channels connected to us. Your only job is to tap that channel when you need it.

Creative ideas also come to all of us in distinct ways. Your inspiration may make nightly visits in your dreams or it may be more elusive and require some coaxing. You may get a burst of inspiration in the shower or at a party. Creativity does not wait for you to be fully dressed, fully awake or even fully self-realized. Your only job is to hold a wide net and be willing to catch those creative ideas wherever and whenever they appear.

Clients often say to me that they worry someone will steal their idea or that they must write their book right now before someone else does. A good dose of fire under the ass never hurt a creative project, but believe in your creative abundance too. Believe in divine timing. It’s all unfolding just at the right time.

I have friend who I’ve talked with about how writing is just one expression of our creativity. I fully intend to be a painter or sculptor at some point in my creative life. When I’m baking muffins in the kitchen or shaking my hips on the dance floor, I am expressing my creative spirit. I don’t rely on one channel of my creativity to give me everything I need. I believe in the abundance.